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Landmark Creamery & Provisions

A Taste of Landmark Creamery

A Taste of Landmark Creamery

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If you just want our most popular cheeses, with no distracting accompaniments, this is the collection for you. Three 1/3 pound wedges of cheese:

Pipit: our gateway sheep milk cheese, is mild, sweet, and very meltable.

Pecora Nocciola: our workhorse cheese, it is firm, nutty and just as delicious cut up on a cheeseboard as it is grated or shaved over pasta or a salad.

Anabasque: our best-selling cheese across the country, is a washed-rind Basque beauty with the salinity and fruitiness of green olives, and just a faint whisper of funk.

(As quantities change, we may substitute another Landmark Creamery cheese of equal or higher value.)


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