Tasting Notes & Cooking Applications

Anabasque: Inspired by the traditional Basque cheeses of the Pyrenees region, Anabasque is a washed-rind sheep's milk cheese. It is aged to develop a robust, nutty flavor with hints of fruits and olives, and a smooth, creamy texture. Similarities in flavor profile, moisture content and cooking applications to Gruyère. Aged 3-9 months. 10lb wheels. 

Pecora Nocciola (pecorino): A firm, nutty sheep milk cheese, perfect for grating. Pair with fruity red wine, olive oil or walnuts. Aged 3 months to 2 years. Limited availability of Extra-Aged 1-2 year old wheels. 12lb wheels. 

Brebis: A fresh, creamy, spreadable sheep milk cheese. Light and citrusy with mild sheepy notes. Higher in protein and lower in fat than cream cheese. Available in 5lb or 10lb bulk and 8oz retail packs. 

Rebel Miel: A savory, flinty sheep milk cheese with notes of dried fruit and booze. This is a snacking cheese with limited cooking application. Pair it with dark beer, marmalade or figs. Aged 30 days. 20 ounce rounds. 

Sweet Annie: A creamy gouda-style sheep milk cheese with a sweet finish. Pair with dried fruit or floral gin. Aged 3-9 months. 10lb wheels.

Feta: An aged, barrel-brined Greek-style sheep milk cheese. Rich and salty, this is a firm full-flavored feta that crumbles beautifully. 5lb logs.

Tallgrass Reserve: A golden, cave aged cow milk cheese with fruity and earthy notes. Made with pasture-grazed cow milk. Pair with cured meat or a shot of bourbon. Aged 3-6 months. 10lb wheels. 

Fontina: A young melting cheese, mild, savory and creamy, made with Brown Swiss cow milk. Perfect for pizza topping, cooking and snacking. Aged 30 days to 6 months. 12lb wheels. Available with flavored rinds. 

Pipit: A smooth and creamy sheep milk cheese with a sweet finish, perfect for sandwiches and melting. Aged 6 months to 2 years. 5lb logs or 40lb blocks. 

Pomona: Inspired by Taleggio, this is a pudgy, washed-rind sheep milk cheese with notes of fresh bread and custard. Pair with mostarda or Lambrusco. Aged 30 days. 12oz squares.