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About us

Landmark Creamery is run by two Anna’s–Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates. Over homemade Old-Fashioned’s, we plotted a partnership dreaming of creamy sheep milk and buttery pasture-grazed cow milk, carefully handcrafted into beautiful, delicious cheese.

Anna Landmark began dreaming about cheese when she started milking her own animals–two feisty goats named Giselle and Celeste and a Milking Shorthorn cow called Freckles. Today she is co-owner and head cheesemaker for Landmark Creamery. She spends her time doing calculations, thinking about pH levels and washing lots of cheese forms.

Anna Thomas Bates, a local food writer and grilled cheese champion, has her finger on the pulse of Wisconsin’s local food movement, from farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture to forward-thinking chefs. She co-owns Landmark Creamery and heads up sales, marketing and “other stuff.” She can stare at a cheese case for an hour looking at cheese labels and loves it when mongers let her taste the fancy cheese.

But they couldn’t have gotten where they are today without their partner farmers and other Wisconsin cheesemakers.  Landmark Creamery works with farmers to build sustainable, family-run dairies that support the local economy in Southern Wisconsin.