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Blakesville Creamery St. Germain

Blakesville Creamery St. Germain

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Blakesville Creamery is a newly established goat dairy in Port Washington.

1/3 lb wedge of Blakesville Creamery Saint Germain tastes sweet and nutty--it's our most approachable munchable cheese to date! It's earthy natural rind and ivory paste give it an Old World quality, and it's supple texture makes it very popular on a cheese board. 

Uses: Blakesville Creamery Saint Germain appeals to all kinds of cheese lovers, from beer drinking sports fans to wine and cheese connoisseurs. 
For best flavor and texture, allow to come to room temperature before serving.

Pairings: Blakesville Creamery Saint Germain goes great with craft beers of all styles, easy drinking red wines, plus all manner of whites and sparklers. Its nutty taste and subtle sweetness calls out for accompaniments with similar profiles, like roasted almonds and stone fruit jams. We also like to pair it with salted crackers and spicy salamis, but with this one, truly anything goes.