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Blakesville Creamery Lake Effect

Blakesville Creamery Lake Effect

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Blakesville Creamery is a newly established goat dairy in Port Washington.

Lake Effect, with its dense, creamy texture, and delicate, snowy rind, shows how friendly and approachable young farmstead goat cheese can be.

Uses: Blakesville Creamery Lake Effect cuts neatly into elegant portions for great presentation on
cheese boards or picnic platters. It’s familiar bloomy rind and elegant flavor and aroma make it work with dozens of pairings for a versatile choice. For best flavor and texture, allow to come to room temperature before serving.

Pairings: Blakesville Creamery Lake Breeze pairs beautifully with richer white wines and sparklers, hard
ciders, old world rosés and light reds, and vermouth cocktails. We love to pair it with nuts, berry jam, prosciutto, and seedy crackers.