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The Raclette Box

The Raclette Box

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Create the Swiss mountain tradition of raclette at home with our Raclette box. We include a traditional Swiss mountain raclette, and our own Anabasque (which is a beautiful and fragrant melter). Along with some tart pickles and rich salami or summer sausage, you just need to supply the pan to melt it in, and some roasted potatoes to serve underneath.

If you don't have any special raclette equipment, don't worry! Slice the cheese and melt in a non-stick pan, and slide over your dish. (These two cheeses also make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.)

This box includes:

1 lb Anabasque, or washed-rind, Basque-style, sheep milk beauty

1 lb traditional Swiss raclette (not pictured)

a jar of cornichon pickles

a large format salami or summer sausage

Signature Seasoning salt for the potatoes or another potato friendly spice blend